Thursday, February 26, 2015

Spiral cookies

Today I am making these spiral cookies with my 3yr old, who is helping me with weighing the ingredients. Hopefully its not that messy for a big clean-up, but definitely it is going to be a fun afternoon...

Here are the Ingredients :

300 gms flour
160 gms sugar
1 egg (optional) - add mashed 1/2 over ripe banana instead
2tsp vanilla essence
160 gms cold butter (margarine w/o milk works well too)
2tbsp cocoa powder

Mix the flour, banana, sugar , butter and vanilla essence together. This will make a nice dough, some hard work in kneading though.
Divide this dough in two parts. Knead again one part well and roll it 1 inch thick and in square shape. Keep this aside and now knead the other half of the dough. Add the cocoa powder in it. Roll it almost same size as the other one which is kept aside.
Now we have to place these rolled out doughs on top of each other, brush some oil on the white flat roll and gently transfer the chocolate roll on top of it. Now Gently roll them together to make a cylindrical roll. Keep this rolled dough in the fridge for 30 minutes.

Pre-heat the oven at 200 C and now cut small cookie slices (1inch in thickness ) and bake it in oven for 13-14 min . After cookies are done , place them on wire mesh and let it cool down fully. Your spiral cookies are ready to munch on.

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