Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Idli with sambhar

It's another south-Indian breakfast dish .... But I can guarantee you its more than a breakfast .... Its very healthy and tasty also. Its made from Rice flour which is ultimately steamed. So no oil , or baking .. nothing ... Just plain healthy nutritious food...

So here is the recipe to try out this delicious breakfast ...
Soak 300 gms Rice and 100 gm Urad daal separately for atleast 8 hrs. (Note: Better to start preparing for this on Saturday morning for a nice Sunday Breakfast.) Then make a paste of each separately. Make the paste as thick as possible, that means using less water while making the paste. Now mix both the pastes and mix well ... Add the Yeast solution (to prepare yeast solution: add 2 tbsp yeast granules in 3 tbsp warm water and add 1/2 tsp sugar in it. Let it rest for 10 minutes or so. Your yeast solution is ready to be used) to this paste. Cover this mixture and let it stay overnite near a warm place.
The next day the batter is fermented because of the magic yeast did. The whole batter will approximately swell by double in size, So better keep the batter in a big container for overnite stay... Add some salt as per ur taste and mix batter gently in circular motion only. Do not whisk the batter.

Now start the gas and let some water boil up in the idli making vessel. While thats happening , grease your idli stand with some oil (for the first time only) and pour just 1 tbsp of the final batter to each idli section. As the batter is going to be its double size when steamed.
When you filled all the idli sections in the stand, Put it in the idli making vessel and cover it. Let it cook for 5-6 minutes. You can check by piercing idli with a toothpick, if it comes clean; your idli is done. Remove the idli stand from the vessel, be careful as it is hot. Use a kitchen towel to remove it. Now simmer the gas flame. Before removing the delicious idli from the stand, Let it cool down in the stand for 2-3 minutes. This allows us to remove the idle without breaking it. Remove the idli from the stand using back of the spoon or a dining knife. Usually it is difficult to get the idli out from the idli stand... But be patient and let it cool some more After removing all the idli's from the stand and if you have lot of stuff attached to the idli stand , apply some oil to each idli section. Usually it happens when u are making it for the first time. And again pour the batter 1 tbsp to each idli section and repeat the whole procedure. Check for the water level in the idli making vessel, if its less add some more and let it boil first before putting the idli stand in it.

You can serve the idli with a delicious "sambhar" and coconut chutney. Recipes for both sambhar and coconut chutney is in the blog. check it out ...
And finally enjoy ur delicious idli with your family .

There is another faster method to make idli other than the usual approx 1 day preparation time... I am putting the faster idli preparation also ... here is the recipe...


Rawa(semolina) - as much u want ur batter to be

Curd - enuff to make the batter of correct consistency ... Usually idli batter is thicker than dosa batter

Sugar – 1 tbsp

Salt - as per taste

Make the batter with rawa and curd and add sugar and salt according to taste and let it stand overnight for fermenting using yeast solution . Or u can use it in 2 hrs also. Add ENO to ferment when using it in 2 hrs. The rest of the procedure is same an before. Its just a quicker procedure and nothing more than that. Its also a useful method if you are out of rice or urad daal... and do not want to use the mixer/blender .

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