Friday, August 22, 2008


Sambhar is one of the essential key element in most of the South Indian snacks or breakfast items. You can make it in a lot and keep it in fridge for a day or two.

Its also great with Rice. I tried it once and liked it very much.
Here goes the recipe.....


1 cup Tuur dal(arahar or Yellow lentil)
Vegetables ( Brinjal, carrot, Beans, Potato, peas, capsicum) diced
2 tbsp Sambhar masala
3 tbsp Tamarind juice (Thick)
1 tbsp Red chilly powder
1-2 dried red chilly
1/2 tsp kasturi Methi (dried fenugreek leaves)
1 tsp mustard seeds
some curry leaves
Salt as per your taste

Soak your dal for 30 minutes in cold water. Now cut(dice) all your vegetables and keep aside.
In a pressure add these vegetables and add dal also. Measure the quantity of dal you have added and add double the quantity of water to it. Start the pressure cooker with its weight at high flame and let it whistle twice and turn off the heat. Do not remove the steam from pressure cooker. Let the cooker cool down by itself. Open when it is cooled if the dal is cooked(vegetables will be). If not, start the flame on high and let it whistle one more time.
Now heat a pan in medium flame, add 1 tbsp oil to it. When the oil is hot, add red chilly and mustard seeds. Let mustard seeds crackle. Now add the curry leaves and kasturi methi to this.
Fry for 1/2 minute. Put this mixture in to the pressure cooker. Now start the flame for the pressure cooker on medium. Now add the 3tbsp tamarind juice, mix well. Now add the red chilly powder and the sambhar masala. Mix properly. Add the water to maintain the consistency. Add salt in the last and let it boil for 2 minutes.
Your sambhar is ready. In Kerala we do not put coriander leaves in it, but you can put as it looks good.
Enjoy the sambhar with all the variety of dishes...

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